Henry and Willamena

Hello Children,                                                                                           #3

My name is  Buddy.  I am a big, white Pyrennes, the boss of our farm.

Today I guarded the baby ducks and turkeys from Mr. Crow.   Henry and Willamena, my two fat geese, wiggled under the back gate when I was asleep.

Instead of helping  with the babies, Henry ate their food and Willamena laid a big fat goose egg in MY doghouse. Not a good idea, but I am a patient dog….

Willamena finally went for a little walk. That is when I took out her egg and set it out on the grass.  When she and Henry came back, I rolled that egg and I licked that egg until it was as white as snow. Nobody made a peep.   They didn’t dare.

Very slowly, I walked away.   With a huge patient sigh, I laid down under my favorite tree. Nobody made a peep. They wouldn’t dare.

Suddenly, old Mr. Crow swooped down from the trees and grabbed Willamena’s  egg!  Now who was the most patient….Mr. Crow or me?

Tomorrow,  I will tell you about Oreo, our baby goat.

Love, Buddy



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