Hello, Children,                                                                                                   #2

My name is Buddy.  I’m just a dog,  but  I love to write.

My Mom’s a farmer girl, and she set this up so I could tell you  all about my wonderful life.    Right now I’m keeping a sharp eye on Mr. Crow who is flying low over the baby ducks.

Mom’s weed wacker is disturbing the peace, so I’m  going to leave for the woods with my sheep. Tomorrow I will tell you about Henry and Willamina.

Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness….and now a pen.   I’m a very happy dog. Love, Buddy


Henry and Willamena

Hello Children,                                                                                           #3

My name is  Buddy.  I am a big, white Pyrennes, the boss of our farm.

Today I guarded the baby ducks and turkeys from Mr. Crow.   Henry and Willamena, my two fat geese, wiggled under the back gate when I was asleep.

Instead of helping  with the babies, Henry ate their food and Willamena laid a big fat goose egg in MY doghouse. Not a good idea, but I am a patient dog….

Willamena finally went for a little walk. That is when I took out her egg and set it out on the grass.  When she and Henry came back, I rolled that egg and I licked that egg until it was as white as snow. Nobody made a peep.   They didn’t dare.

Very slowly, I walked away.   With a huge patient sigh, I laid down under my favorite tree. Nobody made a peep. They wouldn’t dare.

Suddenly, old Mr. Crow swooped down from the trees and grabbed Willamena’s  egg!  Now who was the most patient….Mr. Crow or me?

Tomorrow,  I will tell you about Oreo, our baby goat.

Love, Buddy